Shane's Neck Brace - Cervical Collar for Neck Pain ReliefShane’s Neck Brace

Shane’s Neck Brace support is designed to keep your head in an upright position without degrading the muscle tone from restricted movement.  The brace is very low profile and unique in its design and is unlike any other neck support on the market. Shane’s Brace is made of flexible synthetic tubing allowing full range of motion of the head with 360 degree support as needed. The cervical collar can be worn for long periods of time and can be used for many neck conditions or injuries. It also improves posture and aids with balance and neck fatigue. Replacing other displeasing neck devices on the market today, the product is completely waterproof. With its low profile flexible design, you can do all your daily activities with it on making this the support of choice.

Adjustable Neck Brace - Pain Relief Cervical Collar

Shane’s neck support brace is ranked number one in the world and endorsed for many conditions. It has been through clinical trials and it is proudly made by hand in the USA, designed to wear for long periods of time plus you can do anything with Shane’s Neck Support Brace in use.

Join the thousands that have made Shane’s Neck Support Brace there brace of choice. See what other repeat customers are saying.

Read Testimony May 11th 2015

“What a miracle this has been for Jennifer! Finally a neck brace that is exactly what Jennifer was needing and it works great. Thank you for taking this to the public for everyone to use. There are so many people that this design can work for. I am telling anyone that I have come into contact with, that needs neck bracing, about this website that has been such a great help for Jennifer. Keep up the good work Shane. God will truly”Bless You” for all your endeavors.”

Jean Alison


“When I was first diagnosed with Torticollis, my doctors did not recommend using a cervical collar neck brace. They outright refused a cervical collar because they believed that using the available neck braces and neck supports would make my neck condition worse. I was miserable because of the neck pain I had been experiencing and was desperate for a solution because I couldn’t stand the condition any more.”
I didn’t want to use a neck brace that was available on the market because they were ugly and uncomfortable plus they didn’t fit right or the way they should. I flat out refused to wear the uncomfortable restrictive cervical collar braces available on the market. I worked closely with my team of doctors and medical advisers. We spent well over a year in design, development and testing a cervical collar. The end results are a functional non restrictive brace support that is both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.
What is Shane’s Neck Brace?
Support Brace Doctor Recommended for Pain Relief
The neck brace support is manufactured by hand using flexible, synthetic tubing that immobilizes the neck to stay in an upright position. The neck brace collar can easily be adjusted to ensure a fit that is comfortable for long term use. The cervical collar design is unique and attractive as well as flexible so you will not experience any further injuries or weakness of the neck vertebrae. The durable Velcro fastener on the cervical collar neck brace creates a firm fit when worn to ensure relief from neck pain. Adjustable cervical collar for neck support
Shane’s brace and cervical collar can be worn to treat many different medical conditions in the neck, spinal or head area of the body. Full motion of the head is possible when worn. The soft cervical collar neck brace can also improve your balance, prevent muscle spasms and alleviate fatigue so it does more than just provide support and neck pain relief. Shane’s cervical collar support is an adjustable neck brace that will fit anyone. Cervical collar for  pain relief

What are the Features of Shane’s Neck Brace?

You can wear the Shane’s neck cervical collar for a long period of time.
Unlike some braces and collars, it looks nice.
The cervical collar brace is comfortable to wear and is breathable to be worn in any climate, hot, cold or in between.
The head is fully supported and help upright.
You can still move around freely and easily while the head and neck are protected from pain and movement.
The neck support brace is waterproof, so when you wash up, you don’t have to be concerned about it getting wet.
The cervical brace collar is doctor recommended
It looks nice and has a low profile.
Posture can be improved using the neck brace.
The vertical support links are interchangeable in the front of the neck support brace and there are 4 sizes to easily adjust the height of it.
You can easily hide the fact that you are wearing a cervical collar brace while wearing the cervical collar

One of the major benefits of Shane’s brace and cervical collar is that you can continue with your daily activities or any activity while wearing it. You can eat, shower, exercise or anything else you need to do .

Shane’s Neck Brace cervical collar is medically endorsed by many doctors, nurses and physical therapists.

A Nurse’s Opinion

I have been a Caregiver and Educator for people with ALS for over 30 years. Recently, I was introduced to a neck brace developed by Shane Peters.Knowing how terribly difficult it is for patients to support their heads and the issues with tilt, turning, drooling, weight and durability – I wanted to check this out. How excited was I to see that the Neck Brace was just what the market is looking for.

I had a patient in California – who had almost every neck support imaginable.  The patient and family was skeptic but are thrilled to have Shane’s Neck Brace. It is water proof and has provided the patient with comfort, still allowing him to tilt his chin, rotate his head and so light weight. I will be adding  Neck Brace in my Education programs nationally.

Mary Beth Geise, RN
ALS Nurse Consultant and Training Specialist
Greensboro, NC  27455

Join the thousands of people just like you who have made Shane’s Neck Brace their neck support brace cervical collar of choice.

Neck Support Brace - Injury Pain Relief - Comfortable Collar


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