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Treatments for Torticollis: Neck Brace

The term “Neck Pain” usually refers to a pain experienced in the neck region that can be caused due to many reasons. Since there are numerous factors that could be associated with your neck pain, it is crucial for you to consult your doctor to find out the root cause of it, and get the problem treated properly right away. In most cases, the pain isn’t very intense and somewhat tolerable. Because of this, people prefer not to visit a doctor. However, negligence and using improper or incorrect treatments at home could do more harm than good. If you suffer from neck pain frequently, make it a point to visit your physician who can guide you and help you to ease this condition.

Torticollis, aka wry neck, is one of the most common kinds of neck pain, where a person feels stiffness or tightness in the neck resulting in tilting on one side. There are basically two kinds of Torticollis. They are acquired and congenital. Congenital Torticollis is rare but it does happen to some individuals. Usually younger kids are diagnosed with this condition. However, there have been instances where it has been diagnosed in adults too, usually those individuals who weren’t diagnosed in their childhood. Physical therapy is the best treatment for congenital torticollis since it involves stretching, strengthening and handling of the affected region but a neck brace, aka cervical collar will work as well.

Normally patients are referred to a physical therapist, osteopathic physician or a chiropractor. Additionally, they may also need shiatsu sessions as a part of massage therapy. The sooner you are treated for torticollis, the better it is for your health to prevent facial asymmetry.

Acquired torticollis, aka “stiff neck”, is associated with a different type of problem. It has been found in both kids and adults. Many individuals who suffer from this type of torticollis do not take it seriously, and often avoid visiting a doctor. Tumors in the base of skull and/or trauma to the neck region can also be one of the main causes of torticollis, where the former can be treated with surgery and the latter can be treated by immobilization using a neck brace. In addition, Grisel’s Syndrome can also cause torticollis. Themost popular treatment is Shane’s Neck Brace since it’s endorsed by many medical professionals.

If a child shows symptoms of torticollis, it’s important to get the child diagnosed and checked by a doctor because any delay or negligence could lead to further complications. The pain caused by torticollis in the neck region can make it difficult for an individual to rotate the head or bend it to one side. Besides humans, Torticollis has also been found in animals such as rabbits and dogs.

Instead of surgery, a doctor may recommend a neck brace that can be a viable option for you. The use of a cervical collar can give you comfort and also give you neck pain relief without any invasive surgery and no recovery time involved. There are many different types of cervical neck collars you can choose from but you should ask your doctor which one is right for you.


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