Shane’s neck brace features: 
Interchangeable vertical support links

Shane’s neck brace is a cervical collar neck support system that has vertical support links in the front of the brace that are interchangeable for a longer or shorter neck. Four different  sizes come with the brace in the packaging with your order. Shane’s neck support brace has a Velcro hook and loop fastener in the back to make it easy to take on or off.

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How To Determine Your Neck Measurement When Ordering

 For a custom fit, measure around your neck at the Adams apple area then choose size from 11 to 19 inches.

 Example: if your neck size is 14 1/2 inches order size 14 inch Brace.

  • $129 Plus $10 shipping within The Continental USA
  • $129 Plus $25 shipping Internationally outside the USA
  • 100% Hand Made in America
  • Completely Waterproof
  • Tested and Proven In Actual Application
  • All Orders Shipped Within 48 Hours


Choose your Neck Size for Orders in the Continental United States

Choose your Neck Size INTERNATIONAL orders

  • $129 Plus $10 shipping within The Continental USA
  • $129 Plus $25 shipping Internationally outside the USA

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Why Shane's Neck Brace?

Support is flexible and can be worn for extended periods of time

  • Flexible

  • Comfortable

  • Custom Fit

  • Unique Design

  • 360 Degree Support

  • Non Restrictive


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